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Abril 4, 2024

What HR can learn from Reggaeton💃🎶 #Articles

While Reggaeton, also known as “Música Urbana”, isn’t without its imperfections, there’s a rhythm of wisdom that HR/People professionals can dance to.

🔦 Shine the Spotlight on Everyone – Just like in a Reggaeton track, where at the end of the song the artist rolls the names of all the team/corillo, from producers, sound engineers, managers, etc., HR must also push for a Company Culture of spotlighting the entire team involved in different projects. While the singer may take center stage, it’s the collective effort that makes a “hot” song/temón.

🔗 Embrace Collaboration – Remixes are the lifeblood of Reggaeton, showcasing a melting pot of talent from various music genres, countries and levels of fame. Similarly, HR can foster collaboration by bringing together diverse voices/flows and expertise to create harmonious work environments, while avoiding  a snow flake culture, and at the same time, reinforce coaching and mentoring relationships from senior positions down to entry-level roles.

🔥 Fuel Creativity – Reggaeton artists have always found ways to deliver visually captivating music videos with compelling narratives, even on a shoestring budget. HR can take a cue from this by encouraging creative thinking and resourcefulness in problem-solving to the whole Company, and leading by example (dale!), demonstrating how to maximize impact with minimal resources.