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May 4, 2024
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July 24, 2024

What HR can learn from the NBA (2024 Edition) #Articles

The Boston Celtics🍀 just took over the National Basketball Association (NBA). Here are some conclusions that HR/People can carry forward:

🏀Great things take time, and success is no different | Boston Celtics
Building a winning team or a successful company doesn’t happen overnight. Just like the Celtics, who worked diligently over the years to clinch the championship, HR professionals should focus on long-term goals and persistent efforts.

🏀Potential is a promise, experience is a fulfillment | Oklahoma City Thunder & Minnesota Timberwolves
Young talent like the players from the Thunder and Timberwolves showcase immense potential, but it’s seasoned experience that often leads to fulfillment of that promise. In HR, nurturing new talent while valuing seasoned employees creates a balanced and robust workforce.

🏀What one sees as worthless, another sees as priceless | Neemias Queta & Kyrie Irving
Whether it’s Neemias Queta’s rise or Kyrie Irving’s controversial moves, perspectives can vary widely. In HR, recognizing and harnessing diverse talents and viewpoints can lead to unique opportunities and innovations.

🏀Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you | LeBron James & Steph Curry
LeBron James and Steph Curry prove that age is just a number. In the workplace, experienced employees bring invaluable wisdom and skills. HR should focus on the contributions and potential of all age groups, ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment.

🏀Timing can be everything | Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat & Milwaukee Bucks
For the Clippers, Heat, and Bucks, timing played a crucial role in their season successes. Similarly, HR needs to understand the importance of timing in recruitment, promotions, and strategic initiatives to maximize impact.

🏀Every ending is a new beginning | Golden State Warrios
The Warriors demonstrate that every end is just the start of a new chapter. HR should approach transitions, be it in roles, departments, or even employee exits, as opportunities for fresh beginnings and growth.