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Junho 14, 2019
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Setembro 17, 2019

Curious story about laughing ūüėÖ

The other day¬†while¬† I¬†was getting¬†inside of¬†a shop, I¬†caught¬†all the employees having a¬†huge group laugh¬†ūüėÖūüėā¬†As soon as they all realized¬†that¬†I was¬†there, everything got¬†really serious and one of them said: “Sorry!”

This made me think: Since when laughing is a bad thing!? 

After a couple of minutes I realized that laughing restrictions have been there all my life:

At Work¬†–¬†“He’s always laughing,¬†clearly¬†he¬†has nothing to do”

At School¬†–¬†“Tiago!¬†why are you laughing?! Pay attention to the class”

At the Club¬†–¬†“Bro, are you laughing at my girl?”

As a Kid¬†–¬†“That boy is laughing too¬†much… he’s up to no good”

Even though we have a bunch of studies that show the positive effects of laughing and currently in HR everybody is ridding¬†the¬†“we are fun and cool” wave, in many contexts laughing is still¬†being¬†seen as something rude¬†or disrespectful.¬†

So my suggestion¬†is simple… laugh at yourself, laugh at others, laugh with others, just LAUGH¬†ūüėÜ