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June 14, 2019
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September 17, 2019

Curious story about laughing 😅

The other day while  I was getting inside of a shop, I caught all the employees having a huge group laugh 😅😂 As soon as they all realized that I was there, everything got really serious and one of them said: “Sorry!”

This made me think: Since when laughing is a bad thing!? 

After a couple of minutes I realized that laughing restrictions have been there all my life:

At Work – “He’s always laughing, clearly he has nothing to do”

At School – “Tiago! why are you laughing?! Pay attention to the class”

At the Club – “Bro, are you laughing at my girl?”

As a Kid – “That boy is laughing too much… he’s up to no good”

Even though we have a bunch of studies that show the positive effects of laughing and currently in HR everybody is ridding the “we are fun and cool” wave, in many contexts laughing is still being seen as something rude or disrespectful. 

So my suggestion is simple… laugh at yourself, laugh at others, laugh with others, just LAUGH 😆