La música: clave para el rendimiento en las empresas #Articles
May 31, 2021
2nd Anniversary Party #Blog
August 3, 2021

What HR can learn from the NBA (2021 Edition) #Articles

After another NBA season 🏀🏆 that ended with the victory of the Milwaukee Bucks, here are some conclusions that we can carry to other areas of our lives:

🚩Legacy is not what you did for yourself it’s what you are doing for the next generation | Kobe Bryant

🚩Success takes time | Milwaukee Bucks

🚩Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation | Phoenix Suns

🚩A good leader empowers everyone around them | Chris Paul

🚩Life’s a marathon not a sprint | Philadelphia 76ers & Utah Jazz

🚩Never live in the past but always learn from it | Miami HEAT

🚩Timing is everything | Brooklyn Nets & Los Angeles Lakers