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Dezembro 5, 2023
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Fevereiro 4, 2024

1 Year of Asia #Articles

Having spent a year immersing myself in the wonders of Asia 🌏, I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with truly remarkable individuals. Now, as I reflect on this incredible journey, what insights have I acquired that are worth sharing with others?

Sense of Humor | I’ve come to realize that humor remains an unparalleled tool for breaking the ice and fostering trust, transcending cultural, ethnic, and belief barriers.

Body Language & Comms | Interpreting responses is an art. What may seem like a definite “Yes” might, in fact, be a tentative “Maybe,” and a firm “No” can sometimes hide a positive inclination. The key lies in avoiding assumptions.

Listen & Learn | As someone who tends to “express myself” a lot, I’ve discovered the power of keeping silent. By listening more than speaking, I’ve found an incredible wellspring of knowledge and understanding in others.

Kindness | One constant that transcends borders is the universal value of kindness. There is always room for acts of goodness towards others, regardless of cultural or regional differences.

To all those who have shared this journey with me, I extend my heartfelt gratitude 💘 Your presence and support have been invaluable.